Untitled Children's Play (1969)

Note: An untitled children's play was commissioned by the Library Theatre for the 1969 summer season, written by Alfred Bradley, it was scheduled for production in the season by Alan Ayckbourn and mentioned in the media. However due to licensing issues, what would have been the first children's play at the Library Theatre was never produced. This page contains what details were announced of the production for historical research. Dates, company members and staging details are included to indicate what was planned for the play had it been performed.

Production Details



Scheduled opening:
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Alfred Bradley

Library Theatre
Concert Room, Scarborough Library

August 1969
August 1969
New play:

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Company Details

Alfred Bradley (TBC)


> In the minutes for the Scarborough Theatre Trust board meeting for 24 1969, it is noted that Alan Ayckbourn had scheduled the first children's play at the Library Theatre for the 1969 summer season. The play had been commissioned and written by Alfred Bradley and although no details of either the play title or its plot were announced to the media, articles previewing the new season had noted plans for a children’s production. The schedule was intended to include 12 matinee performances during August, but the Libraries Committee declined the license noting the Library Theatre did not conform to a 1933 Government act concerning performances solely intended for children. The play was pulled from the schedule and it would be another three years before the first play for children was performed at the Library Theatre with Janet Dale's Tranio's Box in 1972.